Minutes of the Open General Meeting of the BCTCS

BCTCS 20, Fisher's Hotel Pitlochry, 7 April 2004

The meeting opened at 17:45.

Quorum: The meeting was recognised as quorate, there being present the President, and Treasurer of the BCTCS, the Local Organiser for BCTCS 20, and at least eleven other members of the BCTCS.

Previous minutes: The minutes of the Open General Meeting held at BCTCS 19 were approved. The following matters arising were discussed:

President's statement: Chris Tofts thanked the attenders for the healthy number. More would of course be nicer.

Treasurer's report: Leicester lost 921 to EATCS, and 290 for the colloquium. Leicester covered the loss on the colloquium, for which they were thanked. The remaining loss of 921 resulted in a balance of 3865.

EPSRC funding: In discussion of this item, Graham Hutton said it was important to involve the local organizer in the grant application; this was supported. Rajeev Raman suggested that discrete maths speakers could perhaps be funded from the LMS. The motion was approved, and the Committee instructed to apply for EPSRC funding in whatever form might be possible. ACTION: Faron Moller, Committee.

Website: This remained in progress. ACTION: Julian Bradfield.

Elections to Organising Committee Posts: Overseen by the Treasurer.

Report on arrangements for BCTCS 21, Nottingham 2005: Graham Hutton reported on the state of BCTCS 21. The meeting would be held on 21-24 March on the Jubilee Campus, which was easily accessible from most of the country. Student accommodation (en suite) would be used. Everything would be in the same place. A number of speakers had been invited, as already displayed on the Web site. The cost would be from 230 all-in. Sponsorship would be sought from EPSRC, LMS, Microsoft, BCS FACS and local sources.

Choice of host for BCTCS 22: There were no volunteers. Rick Thomas suggested that the Committee be authorized to approve such proposals as might later appear, and the meeting agreed. ACTION: Faron Moller, Commitee.

Closure: The meeting closed at 18:20.

Julian Bradfield.