Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Amendments to the election of the Committee

Whereas the election schedule is frequently disturbed by resignations and movements within the Committee, making any fixed schedule hard to maintain, the following amendments are proposed:

That subclause 4.1(b) be replaced as follows:

The postgraduate research student representative will be elected annually. All other committee members will serve for 3 years from election or re-election, provided that if the President, Secretary and Treasurer be all elected at the same Meeting, the term of office of the Secretary shall be 2 years.

That clause 4.3 be replaced as follows:

With the exception of the Local Organiser posts, all Organising Committee members will be chosen by a ballot of those attending the Open General Meeting. The elections shall be overseen by the first of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, or additional members who is present and is not a candidate for any post, failing which by a person appointed by the Meeting. The newly elected officers shall take office upon the closure of the Open Meeting.

Amendment to the restraints on the Committee

Whereas the Committee has decided not to pursue the possibility of registration as a charity, the following amendment is proposed:

That in clause 4.5 the words "the prior written approval of the Charity Commissioners" be replaced by the words "the unanimous written agreement of the Organising Committee".

Julian Bradfield
Last modified: Sun Mar 20 21:06:58 GMT 2005