BCTCS 13 Open General Meeting - Agenda

Agenda for the Open General Meeting of the BCTCS

BCTCS 13, Sheffield, 25th March 1997

  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting at BCTCS 12, Kent, 2nd-3rd April 1996.
  2. President's statement. (Alan Gibbons)
  3. Treasurer's report. (Chris Tofts)
  4. The Constitution of the BCTCS.
  5. Choice of host for BCTCS 15.
  6. Published proceedings of the BCTCS for future meetings. (Alan Gibbons)
  7. Subscriptions to the EATCS. (Simon Thompson)
  8. Any other business.

Paul E. Dunne.
Secretary: BCTCS Organising Committee