Agenda for the Open General Meeting of the BCTCS

BCTCS 21, Nottingham, 23 March 2005

  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting at BCTCS 20, Pitlochry, 7th April 2004.
  2. Matters arising.
  3. President's statement. (Faron Moller)
  4. Treasurer's report. (Stephan Reiff-Marganiec)
  5. Proposed alterations to the Constitution. (Julian Bradfield, delivered by Faron Moller)
  6. BSTCS (Faron Moller).

    A report on moves to form a learned society for the British Theoretical Computer Science community.

  7. EATCS (Faron Moller).

    To consider whether to continue including EATCS membership subscription for BCTCS attenders, in the light of changes in EATCS publication practices.

  8. Elections to Organising Committee Posts (Supervised by: Faron Moller, President.)

    1. Secretary. (Current holder: Julian Bradfield)
    2. Postgraduate Student Representative. (Current holder: Vladimir Aleksic)
  9. Report on arrangements for BCTCS 22.
  10. Choice of host for BCTCS 23.
  11. Any other business.

Julian Bradfield.
Secretary: BCTCS Organizing Committee